1. A shot of the Otium earrings I struggled with. Who knew that photographing something so simple would be so difficult.
2. A day before the release of the spring collection I wanted to take a couple of nice photos wearing the Alba jacket so my boyfriend and I ventured out to an isolated pier where we thought there would be nice views, very unprepared, you see, It was freezing and there was a lot of ice/snow, but there I was in high heels and wearing no pants, my boyfriend, camera on hand asking me to soften my face and poses, but I am not a real model and did I mention it was freezing? Stiffness and a resting bitch face will have to suffice. We managed to take a couple of decent images —not overexposed like this one— and left a bit dissatisfied.
3. My "I work from home" uniform, which consists of fancy sweatpants, and a scarf serving me as a top.
4. My boyfriend —who is an angel— posing for me, even though he hates it, in the Sereno sweatshirt.

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