COLLAB / Rock lights

I have been silently admiring the work of artists, artisans, creatives and designers for a while and wishing to share it with you, so I'm partnering up with some of them, busting creativity and broadening the selection of pieces in each one of my collections. I am a creator and a curator.

Inaugurating this new concept for ALYEN is Amanda Fitzgerald, an artisan from Canada with whom I share affinity for a clean aesthetic and passion for creating. Her work is influenced by the dark, raw, imperfect beauty found in nature. She appreciates a minimalistic approach to designing the objects she creates.

She's made a set of beautiful, functional luxury candels and vessels that fit within the ALYEN realm impeccably.

 Welcome to the fam, Amanda.


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  • these are so pretty. I love the concept

    kay lee on
  • So pretty. I love that you share your favorites with us. thanks!

    T-D on
  • This is so cool I want them all!!!!!

    jeesekay on

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