For a while I have chosen to stay anonymous, leaving my art —yes, refer to my garment design as art, because I do not follow any rules or established methods, since I am self taught and I have had to rely on creativity to make my vision tangible— unsigned.

What I mean is I have imagined, created, and sold every garment without a label, mainly because it was never my plan to build a brand. It all started with me, making clothes for me, and when people began asking about it and wanting to buy them, I was too distracted seeing my work being spread on the internet —I was also very new to the industry and uninformed about label requirements— making me feel happy but nervous at the same time to actually pay attention to norms and regulations.

I am finally in a place where I feel empowered and important enough to sign my art.

Here are the first —limited edition— signature labels!

Handmade by Zachary Leachman 

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  • You’re so creative and amazing! Such a powerful woman

    And those tags are so cool!!!!

    Blfgrl on

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