A gift from the studio

Spring is almost over and it's time to start preparations for new pieces to hit the shop for the Summer, which means, I need to get rid of what is left over from discontinued pieces and some failed samples. I hate creating waste though, so instead I am giving away for free some pieces of fabric that are of no use to me anymore, most of them are ideal for patchwork but there are many big pieces, including faux leather & fur, jersey knits, and some ribbing in very wide blocks, most of it in black, of course.


I'll give priority to those who are closest, so if you are interested and can come pick them up at the studio or have some address within Finland where I can ship it to, just contact me via email at info@alyenwear.eu and it's yours.

On less gratitious news, I have found a new way to wear my Möbius top. Perfect for a more stylized look for a stay in Friday.


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  • you look amazing

    Tara on
  • I already emailed you!

    Jess on

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